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The retreats are held in the Yoga detox Fasting Retreat Center in Paul, Covilha which is 4.2 km from the master unit Ananda Kalyani.

The center has a large building, with all amenities. The gardens are inspired by the natural surroundings. There are several sandy beaches along the a perennial river that flows with crystal clean water, where you can meditate or just relax and enjoy the view and soak in the nature. Two little otter live along the river and occasionally they reveal themselves.

Paúl where is our accommodation is located 7 minutes away from some of the most beautiful and untouched vegetation for over 50 yrs , It just breathing the fresh air and open space.





Ananda kalyani / Paul jagriti

Trevesa da Ramila, no.12

6215-415 Paúl



(+351) 93 533 0390 / 89


GPS coordinates:

Latitude: 40.197262

Longitude: -7.63804


Latitude: 40º 11' 50.144'' N

Longitude: 7º 38' 16.945'' W





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